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Psyllium: Debunking the Myths

Let’s face it, there’s A LOT of stigma, hype and superstitions surrounding psyllium use in horses. Traditionally, it’s been used for sand clearance in 7 day purges but, do you know why you feed it that way? Do you know about the other benefits of psyllium incorporation into your horse’s diet? Does it actually pick up sand? Is [...]

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Psyllium: Sand Clearance or Equine Superfood?

It’s like those annoying word association exercises you had to do as a middle school student: “swing” is to “playground” as “chocolate chip” is to “cookie”. As horse people, ours has evolved into something along the lines of: “flunixin” is to “colic” as “psyllium” is to “sand clearance”. The association between psyllium and sand clearance is deeply ingrained [...]

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The Great “Unmet” Expectations

Upon my morning scroll of my Facebook feed, one of my friends had posted an article of “The Silent Killer of Relationships”. I usually find articles like these insightful because they can pertain to many aspects of life and the titles are usually good click bait. Many of us would think the answer would be money, intimacy, miscommunication or [insert [...]

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The Only Relaxation Supplement Your Horse Will Ever Need

“Those jump standards are most certainly going to eat me!” That is probably one of the many thoughts that run through my horse’s mind when confronted with the obscure, white, horse eating monster that resides on the rail of the arena (and possibly just when he simply doesn’t wish to work). Each time we begin [...]

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A new look, a new feel, created for efficiency in your supplement solution search

At Arenus, we envisioned and formulated products that would provide our customers solutions for their companion animal and their own aliments in an effort to prevent and solve nutritional, behavioral imbalances, as well as aches and pains. Our products are formulated with the highest natural grade ingredients to meet the high standards pet owners arise to, aiming to provide the [...]

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