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Support Animal Relief Efforts with Two for Tails

Posted by Kendra Van Hall on

It has been a difficult few weeks for the United States and Carribean with recent, ongoing natural disasters. From Hurricane Harvey to wildfires in the West, and now Hurricane Irma which made landfall in Florida on Sunday. Our hearts go out to the many families and animals affected by these events. In these times of need, Arenus is proud to announce the Two for Tails Donation Program.

In response to the need expressed by animal shelters and non-profit organizations, Arenus is currently working with the AAEP Foundation and the American Veterinary Medical Association to deliver products to animals in need. We have discounted select popular Arenus products such as nutritional supplements, pain relief topicals and flower essences for direct donation to animal relief efforts.

For every product you purchase to donate, we will match your donation. Each donation will then be delivered to an organization approved by the AAEP Foundation or American Veterinary Medical Association to be distributed to family pets, horses and wildlife in need. We truly appreciate your help in supporting animals impacted by these extreme weather events.

Looking for other ways to help? You can also donate directly to a reputable non-profit such as the Humane Society. Below we have updated our list of organizations in support of animal relief efforts including those for general donation and Hurricane Irma relief. Remember, each supportive action – big or small – will make a difference in an animal's life. 


Family Pets

Other ways to help:

  • Adopt or foster an animal
  • Donate supplies to shelters in need
  • Volunteer your time at a shelter or rescue
  • Assist local rescue groups
  • Spread the word to help on social media
  • Help if you see an animal in distress (or call police or rescue organization)

As always, please share this information with family, friends and anyone else who might want to help all those in need in the aftermath of natural disasters.