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The Truth About Magnetic Therapy

Posted by Trevor Venegas on

In addition to ceramic therapy, there is another therapy that has not been given much thought by most of the equine world. Magnetic therapy, combined with ceramic therapy, is a great alternative to traditional methods of equine therapy but many people do not take advantage of its benefits.

Although you may have not heard of magnetic therapy before, the practice has history dating back almost 2,000 years ago. In medieval times, magnetic therapy was used to fight gout, arthritis and baldness. Today, the placement of Permanent Magnets, also known as common refrigerator magnets, in strategic areas on the body help to alleviate muscle soreness and inflammation by increasing blood flow.

All animals, like humans, have a natural electric current flowing through their cells. The electric current is need by the cell to maintain normal function and metabolism. Each cell has a normal resting electrical potential of 90 milivolts (MV) while injured cells have an elevated electrical potential of up to 120 MV. Cells with a long standing injury may only have 30 MV of potential. Magnetic therapy helps to regulate resting electrical potential to bring cells back to normal.

While regulating resting electrical potential in cells, magnetic therapy also helps to widen blood vessels by using ions found in the nutrients in the blood. This widening of blood vessels creates better blood flow and allows for rapid extraction of waste from the cell. This helps muscles recover more quickly by reducing inflammation and swelling.

As you can see, the benefits of magnetic therapy combined with the soothing heat provided by ceramic therapy is twice as beneficial as using the two therapies one at a time. This is why we have infused both therapies into many of our BeneFab by Sore No-More products. Meaning, all you have to do to help your horse recover quicker from soft tissue or muscle damage is throw on one of our SmartScrims and walk away. The SmartScrim can be left on your horse for up to 12 hours while it increases circulation and reduces inflammation.

Taking advantage of both ceramic and magnetic therapies can only be beneficial for your horse. The combination provides warmth to relax its muscles while increasing circulation to reduce inflammation and swelling. BeneFab by Sore No-More products yield the benefits of these therapies in a flexible and washable application that can be used everyday. Pick a product and see for yourself just how much these therapies can do for your horse.

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