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Colic Assurance Program Overview



The Assure System products are trusted by the veterinary and equine community to solve problems and provide much needed support to the equine digestive system.  The highly researched and patented formulas are proven to relieve chronic colic, loose stool and ulcers as well as help maintain body condition throughout aging and performance.  As a company of veterinarians, nutritionist and animal health specialists, we pride ourselves on providing products that simply work.  The unique combination of pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, yeast and psyllium in the Assure System products combine to offer the most powerful digestive aids available and peace of mind to horse owners and veterinarians.

The Colic Assurance Program was a natural progression for our company and allows horse owners to be even more confident in their decision to choose the Assure System. 



  • Qualified horses are eligible for up to $10,000 in lifetime reimbursement benefits
  • Medical (non-surgical) and surgical colic episodes are eligible for reimbursement
  • Horses with a prior history of colic or colic surgery are eligible for enrollment
  • Qualified horses remain covered while traveling internationally
  • Horses are eligible for reimbursement benefits as soon as they’re weaned and there is no upper age limit for eligibility
  • No limit to the number of horses an owner or agent can enroll
  • Leased horses are eligible for enrollment







**All forms can be completed online**

  • Complete the Claim Initiation Form within 14 days of the colic episode.
  • Complete the Colic Reimbursement Claim Form within 30 days of the end of treatment of the colic episode.
  • Have your primary care veterinarian complete the Primary Care Veterinarian Form within 30 days of the end of treatment of the colic episode.
  • Have the attending veterinarian complete the Attending Veterinarian Form within 30 days of the end of treatment of the colic episode.
  • Completed claims are reviewed and you’ll be notified of the reimbursement decision within 5 business days.
  • Reimbursement payments are issued within 10 business days of the reimbursement decision.  All veterinary bills associated with the colic incident must be paid in full prior to reimbursement allocation.




  • Upon completing your horse's enrollment form, you will receive a confirmation email and be assigned to one of two Wellness Programs based on your answers to the enrollment questions. 
  • When you receive your official qualification email, you will be expected to purchase the product(s) associated with your horse's Wellness Program within 5 days.
  • Once your supplements have arrived, you will need to begin your horse's assigned Wellness Plan as directed in the charts below.  You are expected to follow these dosing protocols throughout their enrollment in order to remain eligible for reimbursement benefits.