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FAQs: Botanical Animal Flower Essences

Botanical Animal Flower Essences 

Q: How do I use the Botanical Animal® Flower Essences?

A: In a liquid form, the essences can be used in various ways that is best for your pet. For animals that are selective to the tastes of new things, try using as a spray. Spray directly in air around your pet’s nose, mouth and ears, as well as paws, hooves, or feet. Also spray onto their bedding, stall or kennel area, and toys.

For best results have your pet ingest the essences through a food item. Place recommended drops on their favorite food item that will not absorb the essences rapidly, they are less effect if mixed in their meals as the essence will have time to absorb in the food, reducing efficiency.  The essences can also be administered through their water, just double the dosage and change water daily.

Administering directly by mouth is always an option, however some owners find this method to be stressful to their pet and opt to administer through a treat or water instead. If this method is your preference, prepare the recommended dosage in a separate container beforehand, and use a separate plastic pipette for administration.   The Flower Essences each come with a glass pipette which is not recommended to use for direct, oral administration in order to prevent ingestion of glass if it were to break in the mouth.

Safe for daily use, use in your pets daily care regimen till you feel your pet’s emotions are aligned or when a stressful situation arises.

The Flower Essences can also be used in acute situations where negative behavior is regularly displayed.  To use them in this way, administer recommended dosage one hour prior to event.  If using for training purposes, utilize the Flower Essences in your pet’s daily care regimen preferably one hour before training session.

Q: Do the Flower Essences lose their potency over time?

A: Once the bottle of Flower Essences has been opened, their full potency lasts about four to six months.  After this timeframe they may not be as effective. To help retain potency, we suggest refrigerating after opening or keeping in a dry, cool place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Q: Should the essences be used daily for the longevity of the pet’s life?

A: The essences are used to balance the mind and body. Since each pet is different, the timeframe for their use will differ as well.  While some pets maintain on their Flower Essences daily, others may only use them for certain situations that bring on an imbalance. Therefore, it is based on what you feel your pet’s needs are. Since they are non-toxic and should not have any adverse effects if used as labeled the longevity of use for your pet is your discretion.


Angel of Mercy™

Q:  I am planning on adopting a pet, should I implement Angel of Mercy into their routine right away?

A: Adoption is rewarding but also difficult when there is uncertainty in your new family member’s past. It is a helpful to have Angel of Mercy available if you notice any issues arise during the adjustment period. However, every pet is different and how they adjust will differ, too. We suggest waiting a day or two to study your pet’s behavior but, if you are certain there was abuse or a traumatic event in their past, we would suggest starting Angel of Mercy use once they arrive at their new home.


Clear Thinking™

Q: Will Clear Thinking™ help improve training sessions?

A: Clear Thinking can assist with training if your pet lacks focus and is enticed by external stimuli. If focus is the issue, this Flower Essence can be a great tool to combine with your training sessions and can help your pet retain the session information. However, if you find them to be resistant to new challenges and easily frustrated, Botanical Animal® In Training™ may be a better option.

Q: What energies does Clear Thinking™ help?

A: Clear Thinking Flower Essences help sort out confusion and prioritizing tasks, allowing for concentration and discipline while retaining a positive outlook.



Q: Can animals suffer from posttraumatic stress?

A: Just like people, animals are sensitive and can find certain situations that trigger negative experiences to be relived. Though this condition is not recognized in traditional veterinary medicine, a case by behaviorist, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, found that dogs could experience PTSD [1]. This case involved a dog that had been shot and was close to death. After his physical recovery, his family found that his behavior was greatly altered. The dog developed an extreme fear of flashing lights and other variables that were involved the night he was shot.


[1] Dr Becker . Dogs and Post Traumatic Stress. 2012: Healthy Pets with Dr. Karen Becker



Easy Does It™

Q:  My pet suffers from Separation Anxiety and is extremely destructive, would Easy Does it be the best choice of Flower Essences for them?

A:  Easy Does It™ will help with the destructive behavior that comes with feelings of abandonment, but we would suggest alternating between Easy Does It ™ and Independence™. Using these Flower Essences together will help address the loneliness, confusion and anxiety that comes with being left home alone.


Ego Builder™

Q: Would Ego Builder and In Training™ be a good pairing when addressing a new training obstacle?

A: Yes, Ego Builder will help give them the confidence they need to face new challenges and In Training will help them focus on the new obstacle. The Flower Essences are unique in the imbalances that they help realign and are optimized when paired together with another Flower Essences.



Q: What essences would pair well with Independence™?

A: It depends on what other behavioral imbalances your pet is displaying however, if you using Independence to treat separation anxiety, we would suggest pairing with Ego Builder™. Separation anxiety can also stem from a lack of confidence and self worth. Ego Builder™ can help them build their self-esteem and tackle new situations with a sense of confidence.


Life’s Changes™

Q: What are the signs my pet is suffering from depression?

A:  If you feel that your pet is suffering from depression some signs would be; lack of appetite, not playing as usual and possible destructive behavior including excessive chewing, cribbing and for birds, plucking out their own feathers. Depression can onset from the loss of a pack or herd member, a new change in surroundings or possible internal physical pain.

If you see your pet displaying any of these symptoms we highly suggest you contact your veterinary, holistic or homeopathic care provider for proper recommendations. Life’s Changes™ will pair well with any course of healing your care provider suggests.


Mellow Out™

Q: What essences would pair well with Mellow Out™?

A: This depends on what other behavioral imbalances your pet is displaying however, if you using Mellow Out ™ to remedy nervousness we would suggest Panic Attack™ to prevent a possible panic attack due to sensory overload. Sometimes nervousness can transpire into panic and using both of these essences can effectively calm nerves and keep feelings of terror subdued.


Panic Attack™

Q: How do I know if my pet is having a panic attack?

A: Pet’s that experience panic attacks often display many of the same traits that humans do when they experience panic attacks. Shortness of breath, reluctant to move, trembling, a wide eyed appearance and sweating are all signs of a possible panic attack. Depending on your pet, panic attacks can stem from many factors and are difficult to prevent if unaware of the direct cause associated with them. Panic Attack ™ will help promote a spiritual sensitivity for them to find their own calm till you can pinpoint the direct cause of onset and work on making those stimuli less intimidating.


Safe Journey™

Q:  The loading dose states that it should be used numerous times per day for 3 days and then only once a day afterward.  If I am only using it on a single trip, should I still follow the same directions?

A: We would suggest proceeding with the loading dose prior to your trip and, during your trip, use this Flower Essence as needed. This will help Safe Journey™ be more effective for the return travel.


Sibling Rivalry™

Q: How would I know if my pet’s aggressive behavior stems from being possessive?

A: If aggression stems from being possessive, the behavior will originate when the pet is around an item or person they favor. When another person or animal approaches, they display aggressive warning signs and may attack if that person or animal encroach further.  Unless the person or item they are favoring is present, this behavior usually doesn’t occur.  To optimize the benefits of Sibling Rivalry™, we suggest pairing with Devil Be Gone™ for pets that exhibit possessive aggression.


In Training™

Q: Would Ego Builder ™and In Training™ be a good pairing when addressing a new training obstacle?

A: Yes, Ego Builder will help give them the confidence they need to face new challenges and In Training™ will help them focus on the new obstacle. The Flower Essences are unique in the imbalances that they help realign and are optimized when paired together with another Flower Essences.