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FAQs: Botanical Animal Flower Essences


Q: Will the vibrational energies of the Botanical Animal Flower Essences actually work?

A: Vibrational energies are based on the research of Dr. Edward Bach, who studied homeopathy and believed if the mind and body were not synergized, illness would follow suit.  Based on that research, some feel that the flower essences have helped relieve negative behaviors and allowed for emotional and spiritual healing.  This approach may not work for everyone but, it may be the missing link in the pursuit of overall wellness in your animal and works well in conjunction with traditional medicine when needed.

Q: I am not sure what behavior to address.  How do I know which flower essence to use?

A: To find the flower essence best suited to your animal, we suggest you study the behavior displayed by your animal and look closely at the possible causes and surrounding factors that trigger the behavior.  Once you have determined the cause, choose the flower essence that is best aligned with the behavioral cause and effect you’re seeking.

Q: How do I use the flower essences?

A: As the flower essences are in liquid form, they can be used in a variety of ways.  The best results are seen when the flower essences are given directly by mouth using the dropper provided or when added to the animal’s water.  Though you may place the recommended number of drops on a treat, the flower essences are less effective when given this way or mixed with food. 

Q: Are the flower essences safe to use often?

A: The flower essences are safe and designed for daily use.  Simply follow the dosing directions for your animal and use the flower essences until you feel your animal’s emotions are realigned, you observe the desired behavior change or a stressful situation arises.  The flower essences can also be used in acute situations where negative behavior is regularly displayed.  Simply administer the recommended dosage one hour prior to the event.  If using for training purposes, adding the flower essences in your animal’s daily regimen one hour prior to the training session is preferable.

Q: Do the flower essences lose potency over time?

A: Once the bottle of flower essences has been opened, their full potency lasts from 6 to 12 months.  After this, they may not be as effective. To help retain potency, we suggest making sure that the liquid does not become contaminated and that you’re storing it in a cool, dry place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight. 

Q: Should the essences be used daily for the duration of my animal’s life?

A: The essences are used to balance mind and body.  Since each animal is different, the timeframe for the flower essence use will be as well.  While some animals maintain by using flower essences daily, others may only use them for certain situations which bring on an imbalance.  The flower essences are non-toxic and should not have any adverse effects if used as directed and they are safe for use during competition. 

Q: Could there be any adverse effects in using the essences?

A: If used as directed, you should not appreciate any adverse effects but, of course, if you have any concerns, please consult your veterinarian.  It is important to understand that by changing an emotion or behavior in your animal, another may arise – much like peeling the layers of an onion.  Flower essences are designed to work together and are safely paired in these situations.



Q:  I am planning on adopting an animal, should I use Angel of Mercy right away?

A: Adoption is rewarding but can also be difficult when there is uncertainty about your new family member’s past.  Angel of Mercy is very helpful to have on hand as soon as you bring your new animal home.  The animal may have past issues they need to work through and this can take time.  Ideally, beginning Angel of Mercy prior to leaving the shelter or foster home is recommended as this can provide a much needed jump start on the process.  The longer your new animal has dealt with this issue, the more likely it is to be rooted deeper and take longer to overcome.  As a general rule, using Angel of Mercy for at least the first 6-12 weeks is advised.



Q: Will Clear Thinking™ improve training sessions?

A: Clear Thinking can assist with training if your animal lacks focus, struggles with paying attention to you and/or is distracted by external stimuli.  This is a great tool to add to your training sessions and can help your animal retain new skills.  If you find your animal resistant to new challenges and easily frustrated, In Training is another helpful option.



Q: Can animals suffer from posttraumatic stress?

A: Just like people, animals are sensitive creatures and can find certain situations that trigger negative experiences to be relived.  Though this condition is not recognized in traditional veterinary medicine, a case behaviorist, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, found that dogs could experience PTSD [1].  This case involved a dog that had been shot and was close to death.  After his physical recovery, his family found that his behavior was greatly altered.  The dog developed an extreme fear of flashing lights and other variables that were involved the night he was shot.



Q: What type of behavior does Devil Be Gone address?

A: This flower essence blend is a helpful addition for animals that exhibit aggressive behavior toward a person or other animals.  This behavior may be predictable or unpredictable.  It is suggested to combine Devil be Gone with Angel of Mercy in animals that come from an abusive background or have been abandoned as it allows them to let go of the need to protect themselves by displaying outward aggression.  For fear-based aggression, pairing Ego Builder with Devil Be Gone is recommended.



Q:  My pet suffers from separation anxiety and is extremely destructive, would Easy Does It be the best choice of flower essences for them?

A:  Easy Does It will help with the destructive behavior that comes with feelings of loneliness and abandonment.  If your animal needs to be with someone all the time, alternating Easy Does It and Independence is best.  If the behavior becomes very extreme, you may wish to add in Panic Attack as well.  If they are relentlessly barking, combining Easy Does It with Mellow Out can be an effective combination.  Using these flower essences together will help address the different degrees of loneliness, confusion and anxiety that comes with being left home alone.



Q: Would Ego Builder and In Training be a good pairing when addressing a new training obstacle?

A: Yes, Ego Builder will give them the confidence they need to face new challenges and In Training will help them in focusing on the obstacle itself.  The flower essences support the emotional imbalances that appear when asking animals to do new things or try things they may not understand.



Q: What flower essences would pair well with Independence?

A: This can depend on what other behavioral imbalances your pet is displaying.  If you are using Independence to address separation anxiety, pairing with Ego Builder can be helpful.  Separation anxiety can also stem from a lack of confidence and self-worth, making Ego Builder key in building their self-esteem and face new situations with poise.



Q: What are the signs my pet is suffering from remorse and sadness?

A:  Listlessness, sulking, hiding, decreased interaction or playfulness, and even lack of appetite can be signs that your animal is suffering from grief.  Often, they may withdraw from your family or pack or herd members and not want to partake in social interaction.  Looking for changes in their regular routine is usually a good place to start.  As a preventative, using Life’s Changes prior to a move or loss when possible can help curtail these negative emotions and help your animal process changes in a healthy way from the start.  Of course, observing these signs can be a good indication to speak with your veterinarian as there may be an underlying, non-emotional cause for the behavior.



Q: What essences would pair well with Mellow Out?

A: This flower essence pairs well with and is commonly used with all of the other blends.  Which flower essence you pair Mellow Out with depends on the other behavioral imbalances your animal is displaying.  If anxiety levels are so high that there is concern of the animal hurting themselves or others, pairing Mellow Out with Panic Attack to avert sensory overload is often recommended.  



Q: How would I know if my animal’s aggressive behavior stems from possessiveness or jealousy?

A: If aggression stems from possessiveness, the behavior originates when the animal is around an item or person they favor.  When another person or animal approaches, they often display aggressive warning signs and, in extreme cases, may even attack if the warning signs are not heeded.  Unless the favored person or item are present, the behavior usually does not occur.  To optimize the effects of Sibling Rivalry, pairing with Devil Be Gone can be helpful in animals that exhibit unpredictable aggression.