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FAQs: CoatPlus


Q:  How is CoatPlus® different from other Omega-3 supplements?

A:  While there are many Omega-3 supplements available for dogs, few formulas concentrate their efforts on providing high levels of DHA and EPA.  Of all the Omega-3 Fatty Acids, DHA and EPA are the two that have garnered the research to prove their many health benefits.   The CoatPlus formula takes the wealth of research into account and provides your dog with optimal levels of high quality DHA and EPA sourced from oceanic anchovy and sardine species.  This unique product takes it one step further by including a generous quantity of USP grade vitamin E to further support immune health.  Couple this information together and it’s clear to see why the CoatPlus formula is the most beneficial wellness formula available.  

Q:  Will I need to keep my dog on CoatPlus® forever?

A:  CoatPlus is designed as a daily supplement to support your dog’s skin, coat and overall health.  While it can certainly be used to address acute conditions like allergies and dermatitis, most owners opt to keep their dog on CoatPlus long term once seeing the profound benefits.

Q:  Is CoatPlus® palatable?

A:  CoatPlus comes in a convenient, beef-flavored gel capsule that dogs love.  It can be given as a treat or with food and the majority of dogs, even picky ones, have no trouble with palatability.  If you do experience trouble, disguising it in peanut butter or a piece of cheese has proven helpful.

Q:  What conditions can CoatPlus® help?

A:  Omega-3s have been linked to numerous health benefits in both humans and animals.  CoatPlus is formulated to help skin conditions like dermatitis, puritis, allergies and poor coat though the formula promotes overall wellness.  Secondary benefits like an improved immune system, enhanced respiratory function and cognitive longevity are just a few of note.