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FAQs: Releira


Q:  How soon before the breeding season do I need to start using Releira®?

A:  Ideally, we recommend that you begin feeding Releira at least 60 days prior to breeding.  This gives the DHA and other Omega-3s time to incorporate into the cellular membrane properly and poise the reproductive system for a successful season.

Q:  How does Releira® help my mare?

A:  Releira has been proven to benefit broodmares by reducing inflammation post-breeding, increasing conception rates and reducing the number of cycles it takes to get a confirmed pregnancy.

Q:  How does Releira® help my stallion?

A:  DHA has been shown to help stallions in many ways.  By feeding a high quality, bioavailable, concentrated source of DHA like Releira, you can expect to see improvement in semen quality, sperm count, motility and conception rates.

Q:  How does Releira® help my foal?

A:  Releira was proven to improve DHA transfer to the foal during gestation and through maternal transfer post foaling when mares were supplemented throughout pregnancy and nursing.  Foals from supplemented mares had improved cognition, development and even trainability later in life!

Q:  What are the artificial flavors in Releira®?

A:  The artificial flavors in Releira come from a combination of peppermint extract and ground peppermint.

Q:  Will my horse eat Releira®?

A:  Yes.  Generally, if your horse routinely eats other supplements without issue, working Releira into their regimen will not be a problem.  However, if you experience issues, simple things like starting with a smaller dose or adding mint extract or vegetable oil has proven successful.

Q:  How is Releira® different from other Omega-3 supplements?

A:  Releira is unique in its research, effectiveness and exclusivity.  Releira is the very product used in the research cited by so many other companies with “similar” products.  The truth is, there are no similar products.  Releira is the only equine Omega-3 product existing that contains the purest form of algae-derived DHA available making it the most effective on the market.  Additionally, Releira is patent-pending meaning its formula is unique and it has been proven to deliver results as intended.

Q:  How is Releira® different from Flaxseed?

A:  There are three main Omega-3 Fatty Acids that are referenced in studies – DHA, EPA and ALA.  DHA and EPA are primarily responsible for the improvement in ailments and dysfunctions of the immune, respiratory and reproductive systems.  Flaxseed contains only ALA which the body must then convert to DHA and EPA to enjoy the beneficial effects associated with Omega-3s.  The body, no matter the species, does not convert ALA effectively enough to provide DHA or EPA in enough quantity to benefit these conditions.  To effectively supplement DHA and EPA, the source must be oceanic.  Fish oil is the common form available for supplementation and is very effective for carnivores.  Releira, however, utilizes an oceanic, algae-derived source of DHA making it the only vegetarian supplement on the market to effectively supply horses with additional DHA needed to improve reproductive deficiencies.

Q:  How long does my broodmare need to stay on Releira®?

A:  We recommend that you start your broodmare on Releira at least 60 days prior to breeding and continue supplementing her throughout gestation and nursing to ensure the foal receives the full benefit of DHA supplementation as well.

Q:  How long does my stallion need to stay on Releira®?

A:  We recommend that you start your stallion on Releira at least 60 days prior to breeding and continue supplementing them throughout the breeding season.  If you collect your stallion year-round, you may consider adding Releira to his continuous supplementation regimen.