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FAQs: Steadfast Equine


Q:  How is Steadfast® Equine different from other joint supplements?

A:  Where other joint supplements contain manufactured ingredients, Steadfast Equine is formulated with Natural Eggshell Membrane® (NEM®) and TêlaFIRM®.  NEM, the thin membrane found on the inside of an eggshell, is a naturally occurring matrix of common joint support ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.  Because it is a natural protein source, these ingredients found in NEM are able to be optimally utilized by your horse once ingested, making it the most effective source of these necessary joint health components.  TelaFIRM provides your horse with the most research backed organic trace mineral blend available.  Many equine supplements and feeds contain the common minerals we associate with equine joint health (selenium, manganese, copper and zinc) however most of these minerals are considered inorganic.  Inorganic minerals are minerals that are bound to a salt, making it difficult for them to survive the acidity of the stomach and reach the hindgut where they’re to be absorbed.  Organic, or chelated, minerals are carbon bound which protects the mineral from the stomach’s acidic environment and ensures safe passage to the hindgut for absorption.  TelaFIRM’s proprietary formulation utilizes only organic minerals for optimal digestion and benefit to your horse.  The combination of these two ingredients coupled with the available research on both Steadfast Equine’s finished formulation and its individual ingredients, assures you that your horse is receiving the very best supplement that science has to offer.

Q:  Why does it matter that Steadfast® Equine is patented?

A:  With the saturation of the equine supplement market, you should research products thoroughly and place value on products that offer finished-product research and credentials.  In addition to being an audited member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), Arenus has taken its credentialing process one step further and gained U.S. patented or patent-pending status on all of its Vital Science nutraceutical products.  Steadfast Equine, along with the rest of the Steadfast family, is fully patented, guaranteeing our customers of label accuracy and that these quality products will work as indicated.

Q:  Will I need to keep my horse on Steadfast® Equine forever?

A:  While Steadfast Equine can certainly be used to address acute pain and inflammation associated with injury or osteoarthritis, the formulation is designed as a maintenance program to support your horse through daily wear and tear.  Generally, our customers are so pleased with the quick improvement in their horse that they opt to incorporate Steadfast Equine in to their horse’s daily regimen. 

Q:  In what situation would you use Steadfast® Equine and Steadfast® Equine Growth together?

A:  There are many situations where the use of both Steadfast Equine and Steadfast Equine Growth are well indicated, the most popular of those being use in a horse recovering from injury.  These injuries range from suspensory tears and tendon strain to surgeries like carpal chip removal and beyond.  Combining these supplements provides your horse with a hefty dose of the minerals they need to rebuild soft tissues, strengthen the existing structural integrity and reduce the pain and inflammation associated with recovery from these conditions.  The use of this powerful combination has assisted with the reduced recovery time and improved healing of many equine athletes.   

Q:  Is Steadfast® Equine palatable?

A:  Yes.  Generally, if your horse routinely eats other supplements without issue, working Steadfast Equine into their regimen will not be a problem.  However, if you experience issues, simple things like starting with a smaller dose or adding water, vegetable oil or molasses has proven helpful.