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FAQs: The Assure System


Q:  When comparing, another supplement has more probiotics than the Assure® System products.  Does that mean its better?

A:  In general, more is not always better.  The patented Assure System formulas have been extensively researched to find the most effective balance of pre and probiotics, yeast, psyllium and digestive enzymes.  Additionally, the microbes in other supplements are often broken down in the stomach’s acidic environment before reaching the hindgut resulting in a smaller quantity of “active” microbes to address digestive concerns.  Assure contains Arenus’ exclusive Gastrointestinal Stabilizing Technology (GST) which ensures the microbes are protected while travelling through the stomach and arrive safely in the hindgut to provide the benefits they were intended for. 

Q:  Are the products in the Assure® System palatable?

A:  Yes.  Generally, if your horse routinely eats other supplements without issue, working the Assure System into their regimen will not be a problem.  However, if you experience issues, simple things like starting with a smaller dose or adding water, vegetable oil or molasses has proven helpful.

Q:  Will my horse need to be on the Assure® System forever?

A:  The Assure products are designed as a daily, maintenance program and, while they can be used to address acute issues, most horse owners opt to incorporate the Assure System into their horse’s daily supplement regimen.

Q:  Why is it recommended to use two products?

A:  Each of the products in the Assure System are unique and designed to work together to address digestive challenges in your horse and maintain optimal gut health.  Typically, we recommend using two products (one of our daily formulas like Assure, Assure Hoof or Assure Guard along with Assure Plus) daily for 4-6 weeks initially in order to “reset” your horse’s digestive tract and ensure it is functioning as efficiently as possible.  After this initial period, most horse owners are able to transition to a maintenance dose which entails giving Assure, Assure Hoof or Assure Guard every day and Assure Plus for 7 consecutive days each month. 

Q:  What is the shelf life of the Assure® System products due to the inclusion of live cells?

A:  Even though the Assure System products contain high volumes of live microbes, its exclusive formulation ensures stability for at least 2 years from the manufacture date if stored properly.  The Assure products are meant to be stored in a cool, dry place with the bag tightly sealed and the bucket lid closed.    

Q:  When feeding two products daily, why is it suggested to feed them at different times?

A:  Very rarely, Assure Plus can cause minor digestive upset within the first few days due to the increase in gut motility.  Our veterinarians and customers have found that by feeding Assure Plus at night (when the barn is typically quieter), these episodes are less likely to occur.  We also recommend feeding the products at different times so that your horse receives steady doses of digestive aid throughout the day to help with the breakdown of feedstuffs.  


Q:  How is Assure® different from other digestive supplements?

A: Assure was developed by a practicing veterinarian to solve the common problems he faced in daily practice.  This formulation was so successful in addressing GI challenges like colic, diarrhea, chronic loose stool and poor body condition that the decision was made to make it commercially available.  The Assure product’s formulations are so unique and effective that they were recently awarded a patent from the U.S. government making them the only equine digestive aid with that feature.  When you purchase Assure, you can feel confident that you are buying the very best digestive supplement on the market and that it will actually work. 


Q:  How is Assure® Guard different from other digestive supplements?

A:  Assure Guard combines our patented digestive supplement formula with calcium carbonate to soothe ulcers that are present and combat the occurrence of gastric and hindgut ulceration.  This formulation was utilized with Assure Plus in a large research study evaluating a variety of digestive challenges like colic, loose stool, poor body condition and ulcers.  The findings were so impressive that the study was published and presented at both the American Association of Equine Practicioners (AAEP) yearly conference and the 10th International Colic Symposium.  This study along with the recently acquired U.S. patent provides horse owners and veterinarians security in their decision to use Assure Guard.


Q:  How is Assure® Hoof different from other hoof supplements?

A:  Assure Hoof is uniquely designed to address poor hoof quality at the source – the hindgut.  The vitamins and minerals a horse’s hooves need to maintain their stability are produced in the hindgut.  By combining optimum levels of digestive conditioning aids with high quality biotin and methionine, this supplement supplies the extra elements needed for hoof health while promoting excellent hindgut health and virility.  Due to this exclusive action, horse owners report seeing immense improvement in hoof quality within a single shoeing cycle where other supplements can take up to 6 months for maximum results.    


Q:  How is Assure Plus® different from other digestive supplements?

A:  Assure Plus is over 88% Grade A psyllium combined with a potent dose of pre and probiotics, yeast and digestive enzymes in a convenient, easy to feed pellet.  In addition to the Assure Plus formula being patented, Arenus uses a unique pelleting process that ensures our psyllium retains the benefits of a flake in its final form.  When combined with Assure, Assure Guard or Assure Hoof, Assure Plus works quickly to promote healthy digestive function within the hindgut while removing debris and initiating tissue healing.  


Q:  How is Assure® Guard Gold different from other digestive supplements?

A:  Assure Guard Gold combines Assure Guard and Assure Plus, our best-selling Assure System products, into a convenient, single product.  This pelleted supplement provides all the benefits of the two-product approach and can be used to address specific issues while maintaining the digestive health of your horse.  Like the other Assure System products, Assure Guard Gold recently received its U.S. patent, further ensuring consumers they’re receiving the very best equine digestive supplement available.  Also, because Assure Guard Gold contains no added sugars, this is the perfect choice for horses with metabolic concerns.

Q:  Why would I choose Assure® Guard Gold over one of the two-product Assure System approaches?

A:  Assure Guard Gold was created for a variety of reasons but the largest was the convenience factor.  Veterinarians and clients who had come to trust the Assure System products for their efficacy asked us for a simpler alternative and Assure Guard Gold was our answer.  This is a single, pelleted product that provides the same benefits as our Assure Guard/Assure Plus combination.  Competitors, multi-horse owners, racehorse stables and veterinary hospitals alike have embraced this product as their answer to convenient, effective digestive support.    Additionally, Assure Guard Gold has become the product of choice for horses struggling with metabolic concerns like Cushings, insulin resistance, laminitis and Equine Metabolic Syndrome due to the lack of additional sugars present in its formula.  However, there are many cases where adopting the two-product approach is preferable due to the customizable programs.  For many horses currently struggling with severe colic, diarrhea or other issues, having the adjustability of the two-product program is best in order to ensure the best outcome possible.