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Gabe Garrison

Gabe Garrison

4 years with Arenus



Gabe began his professional career working for reining great and Arenus Ambassador, Steve Schwartzenberger, for many years. Since then, he has developed a reputation for training and showing top reining horses as well as coaching youth and non pro riders. In addition to reining, Gabe has a passion for competing across disciplines and breeds with ApRHA, USTRC, NCHA and rodeo.

Gabe, his wife Shannon and their children operate GLG Performance Horses in beautiful Northern Colorado.


  • Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment
  • Sore No-More Performance Ultra Poultice
  • Assure Guard Gold
  • Assure Guard
  • Steadfast Equine
  • Steadfast Canine
  • Aleira


  • 2014 - El Rancho Futurity Open Finalist
  • 2015 - El Rancho Futurity Open Finalist
  • 2010 - El Rancho Futurity Open Finalist
  • 2007 - El Rancho Futurity Open Finalist
  • 2009 - El Rancho Futurity Open Finalist
  • 2005 - El Rancho Futurity Open Finalist
  • 2014 - El Rancho Futurity Open Finalist


"Addy showed all the warning signs of ulcers; nervousness, chronic colic, chewing and cribbing. I tried many other digestive aids and acid reducers with no success in relieving her symptoms. Within a month on Assure Guard, I saw dramatic improvement! Her colic symptoms disappeared and she even quit chewing on everything! She was finishing her feed, was softer while riding and more focused and willing during training."

"If you’re having trouble with your horse during training, you can’t go wrong by adding Assure Guard. I’ve had wonderful success with this product on several of my horses!"

"Assure Guard gave me a new horse!"