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Julio Arellano

9 years with Arenus


The eldest of seven children, Julio was born in Nicaragua and then moved to the equine industry hotbed of Wellington, FL with his family where he was raised. He began playing polo at the tender age of 9 and played his first high goal season at the age of 16. After graduating from FAU in Boca Raton, FL with a degree in International Business he decided to pursue a career as a professional polo player.

He is currently handicapped at 9 goals and has many prestigious tournament wins under his belt. Additionally, he’s had the opportunity to play in Mexico, Brazil, Berlin, Argentina and Canada and continues to be one of the nation’s top players. Julio and his wife Meghan have three children and currently move between their homes in Wellington, FL and Aiken, SC.


  • Steadfast Equine
  • Aleira
  • Assure
  • Assure Guard
  • Assure Plus
  • RelaxHer
  • Sore No-More
  • Sore No-More Performance
  • Ricochet Horse Spray


Tournament Championships:

  • Herbie Pennell Cup, Coca-Cola Team; 3 Time Champion
  • Moncrieffe Cup
  • US Open Polo Championship; 4 Time Champion
  • Canadian Open; 2 Time Champion
  • Gold Cup Champion
  • Triple Crown Champion
  • Joe Barry; 3 Time Champion
  • Ylvisaker; 4 Time Champion
  • Herbie Pennel; 3 Time Champion
  • Challenge Cup; 3 Time Champion
  • Sterling Cup; 2 Time Champion
  • Monty Waterbury; 3 Time Champion
  • Skene Trophy; 2 Time Champion
  • America Cup; 2 Time Champion
  • Sunshine League Champion
  • 20/20 Aiken Champion
  • Upatoi Cup Champion
  • Botstwick Memorial; 3 time champion and, in 2016, he won by teaming with his children
  • Knox Cup; 2 Time Champion
  • Palm Beach Polo 14 Goal Leagues Champion
  • Outback Leagues Champion
  • Susie Fagan Memorial; 2 Time Champion
  • Music City Challenge Champion
  • Crab Orchard Memorial Champion
  • Copper Cup Champion
  • Bronze Cup Champion
  • USPA Spring Cup Champion
  • FIP World Cup; Team USA

Personal Honors:

  • NAPL High Scorer 2005
  • Sunshine Leagues High Scorer
  • Robert Skene Trophy; 3 time recipient
  • Hitchcock Trophy; Young Player of the Year
  • US Open MVP
  • Moncrieffe Cup MVP

Horse Honors:

  • US Open Best Playing Pony; 3 time recipient
  • Skene Cup
  • Herbie Pennel
  • Ylvisaker Cup
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"My horses play their hearts out for me. Steadfast Equine and Sore No-More keep them pain free and able to play throughout the year without considerable inflammation or heat."

"I was struggling to keep one of my best horses, True, in competition during the prior two seasons and decided to start her on Steadfast Equine and use the Sore No-More Gelotion after workouts. She lasted our entire season and I was extremely pleased to have her in every game."

"My first experience with the Assure products was when I had a mare recovering from salmonella. Her stool was very loose and the veterinarian said her recovery time would be around 5 weeks. We started her on Assure and Assure Plus and her stool normalized within 2 weeks. I’ve since used this combination on several of my horses who are prone to tying up with good success as well. I recommend these products to anyone who is serious about their horse’s complete nutrition."