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Kyle Kellmer

Kyle Kellmer

5 years with Arenus



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  • Assure Guard
  • Assure Plus
  • Steadfast Equine
  • Steadfast Equine Growth
  • Ricochet Horse Spray
  • Sore No-More The Sauce
  • Sore No-More Performance Liniment
  • Sore No-More Performance Gelotion
  • Sore No-More Performance Poultice


  • Coming Soon!


"We use Assure Guard on all of our horses. Its been a huge help to the 2 year olds that come into the barn for training. They are nervous and stressed, and Assure Guard keeps their loose stool under control and actually helps them put weight on despite the stress and added work load."

"We had a terrible time getting weight on one of our 3 year olds despite our efforts. Our Arenus nutritionist suggested we add Assure Plus to the Assure Guard we were already giving and he immediately started gaining weight. I was amazed! That was all it took!"

"The Arenus products have made a huge difference in our horses. They feel great and look even better. There is a product for our mares and foals, the high performing show horse, and even one to help our old, retired guys look and feel amazing. We have had a marked decrease in soreness and injuries since using Steadfast. I hate to say it out loud because I feel like it’s just asking for trouble...but its true!"

"You can really see a difference in the weanlings and yearlings with Steadfast Equine Growth.All of our broodmares are started on this product while in foal and, when a weanling or yearling is added to the herd that hasn’t been fed Steadfast Equine Growth, you can see a huge difference in their overall structure."

"One of our horses has always struggled with diarrhea and a nervous personality. Assure Guard has been life changing for this horse. He’s had a happy and healthy gut since starting Assure Guard 4 years ago and if he misses a dose, his diarrhea returns immediately. He’s also on Steadfast Equine which has really helped the joint injections last much longer. We double his Steadfast Equine when he is at shows and it keeps him feeling happy and comfortable despite the increased work."