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Life's Changes


Product Description


  • Provides comfort to animals that have experienced emotional upheaval such as moving or loss of a loved one, friends or caregivers.
  • Naturally eases them through the transitional period and helps with feelings of sadness, heartache, depression and resentment.  
  • Helpful in acclimating adopted or rescued pets into their new homes. 
  • The liquid formula makes this natural flower essence simple and easy to use on a variety of animals.  
  • Pairs well Angel of Mercy, Sibling Rivalry and/or Independence.
Animals experience loss and change just as we do and supporting them through those emotions is important as transitional periods can be difficult.  Fortunately, Life’s Changes was formulated to help.  This natural, flower essence blend comforts animals whose world has been altered severely by the loss of a loved one or transitioning into a new home. Drastic changes like these can cause feelings of sadness, intolerance, depression, restlessness and even alienation, leading to an unhealthy emotional state.  
By alleviating some of these negative emotions, this flower essence helps to ease these transitions and strengthen your animal’s ability to accept changes, naturally.  The liquid formula offers a variety of applications and can be used in all species without worry of overdose or interaction.  For certain behaviors, pairing Life’s Changes with Angel of Mercy, sibling Rivalry and/or Independence can be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information


Keep away from children. To prevent breaking and ingestion of glass, do not administer flower essence by inserting glass pipette directly into mouth. If using a plastic pipette, do not keep the plastic in bottle, as it may alter the flower essences and cause them to be less effective. Wash pipette after direct contact with mouth to prevent contamination. Keep away from open flames.


As the flower essences are in a liquid form, they can be used in a variety of ways to best suit your animal. Use as part of your animal’s daily regimen to optimize effectiveness. Adding more drops than recommended will not increase effect or hasten results.

For short term situations where the negative behavior is displayed, use one hour prior to event. If used for training, incorporate into your animal’s daily care regimen, preferably one hour before training session.

Oral: For the most effective and immediate results, placing the recommended number of drops into animal’s mouth using pipette provided or a plastic pipette is best. Wash pipette thoroughly after use before returning it to the bottle.

Spray: For feral or hard to approach animals, utilizing a spray is helpful. Add 3-4 drops to 8oz. distilled, purified or spring water in a spray bottle. Spray directly into air in the direction of your animal’s mouth, nose and ears as well as their paws, hooves, or feet.

Water: The easiest way to incorporate them into your life is to add the flower essences directly to your animal’s water bowl or bucket. Change water daily for best results and replenish the flower essences with each water change.

Food: Apply recommended number of drops to your pet’s favorite hard treat. Using hard dog biscuits, carrots or apples is best as these will not absorb the flower essences quickly and affect efficacy. This method is not recommended as the essences may be absorbed by the food and not be as effective as placing the drops directly into the mouth or water.

Note: The rhythmic use of the flower essences improves their efficacy. The effects are improved by using them on a more frequent and consistent basis, not by increasing the dosage at one time.

Keep container tightly sealed. Keep out of direct sunlight. To prolong life of product, keep in refrigerator after opening.

Shake well before using. The best way to shake the flower essences is to use succession. To use this method, vigorously tap the bottom of the bottle on the palm of your hand as this activates the flower essences inside.


A short loading dose is recommended when beginning to use the flower essences. Simply use the recommended dosage two to three times daily for the first three days. Once the desired balance has been reached, use recommended dosage one to two times daily as part of your animal’s daily regimen to optimize efficacy.

Oral Use:
Birds: 1-2 drops rubbed onto their beak

Cats & Small Animals (0-20 lbs): 4-8 drops per use

Dogs & Medium Animals (20-60 lbs): 6-10 drops per use

Dogs & Large Animals (60-250 lbs): 8-14 drops per use

Horses & Other Large Animals: 1/4 to 1/2 pipette per use

Water Use:
Small Water Bowls for Pets: 4-6 drops

Water Buckets (~ 5 gallon): 10-15 drops

Water Troughs: 2-3 pipettes


A proprietary blend of infusions of Fagus sylvatica, Dicentra formosa, Chrysanthemum morifolium, Myosotis sylvatica, Rhus diversiloba, Lathyrus latifolus, Juglans regia, and Salix vitella flower essences, distilled water and distilled vinegar.

Product Reviews

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  1. Helped My Heeler Heal

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 7th 2017

    I had two heelers for a very long time together, one male, one female. When I had to put my male heeler down, my female didn't handle it very well. She was very depressed, just sat on the porch staring out in the pasture all day. Wouldn't eat, didn't want to engage with me at all. This went on for a week. I put her on lifes changes on the recommendation from a friend and the next day, I had my old girl back. She was happy and playful, started eating, and was running around in the barn with me like old times. Love this product and what it did for my old girl.

  2. Life Changes is Great

    Posted by Brenda on Nov 8th 2016

    My dog JC and I unexpectedly lost 2 members of our pack within 21 hours of one another 6 1/2 weeks ago. While we are both adjusting to this major life change I believe that Life Changes has helped JC cope with this loss and help him to cope with being an only dog for the first time in his 9 1/2 years of life. Before Life Changes he was constantly looking for his brothers and smelling for them. When it first rained after their passing he was absolutely frantic sniffing the yard in search of their scent. He was depressed and barely played. He would just lay there. This was very unlike him because even at 9 1/2 JC is a very active, high energy dog. Since we started Life Changes about a month ago he has been a little more active and playful. He isn't his normal self, and I'm not sure he ever will be, but I truly think it has helped him cope.

  3. Anxiety

    Posted by Donna on Apr 14th 2016

    This product has worked time and time again with my greyhounds. We have used when our old guys pass on and the other is left behind. It helps with the separation anxiety. I have used in water and also directly into the mouth. Great product.

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