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Sore No-More® is a complete line of natural, herbal-based liniment solutions for your competitive and companion horses. The Sore No-More® product family includes Sore No-More® Liniment, Sore No-More® Trackside Liniment, Sore No-More® Poultice, Sore No-More® Gelotion, Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo, Sore No-More® Sport Salve, Sore No-More® The Sauce, and Ricochet® Horse Spray.

Sore No-More® Liniment Family of Products

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Sore No-More® is a pleasant smelling, natural herbal liniment containing arnica and other herbs in a witch hazel base. This cooling liniment is world famous for its versatility of uses. It can be used under bandages, as a bath brace, as a massage liniment, with ice or heat packs, under tack, and even with magnetic or ceramic therapy equipment.

Sore No-More Product Line

Sore No-More® Liniment was voted Product of the Year two times by the Horse Journal. The Horse Journal commented on Sore No-More's® incredible power to reduce swelling and ease overworked, tight, painful muscles. Sore No-More® is extremely gentle to the skin.

Top professionals in every discipline of the equestrian industry have used Sore No-More®. It has been taken to the Olympic games since 1996 to be used on the U.S. three-day eventing team, endurance, dressage, and grand prix jumping horses.

All disciplines, from the serious competitor to the pleasure rider, have discovered that the Sore No-More® Liniment line has proven its unique ability to be one of the gentlest, yet extremely effective products on the market today.

Sore No-More® Product Line

Sore No-More® Liniment
Our liniment is an exceptional arnica and witch hazel based, herbal horse liniment that contains no chemicals or harsh abrasives.
Sore No-More Liniment
Sore No-More® Trackside Liniment
A unique cooling liniment specifically formulated to meet the needs of the equine racing athlete; keeps muscles, tendons and ligaments supple and less prone to injury.
Sore No-More Trackside
Sore No-More® Cooling Clay Poultice
Our award winning horse liniment in a cooling clay poultice that is silky smooth, non-irritating, and creates a unique heat drawing pack.
Sore No-More Cooling Clay Poultice
Sore No-More® Gelotion
Derived directly from the original Sore No-More® horse liniment but in gel form. This all-natural horse liniment is thicker and less runny.
Sore No-More Gelotion
Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo
A pure plant based shampoo concentrate free of the harsh detergent, sodium laurel sulfate, a proven skin irritant.

Sore No-More Massage Shampoo
Sore No-More® Sports Salve
The successful liniment base is mixed with a creamy tamanu butter and aloe vera blend to give you a soothing, cooling arnica cream.
Sore No-More Sports Salve
Sore No-More® The Sauce
Sore No-More® The Sauce is a horse liniment combined with povidone iodine for rain rot, scratches, and skin fungus anywhere on the body and thrush and abscesses of the hooves.
Sore No-More The Sauce
Ricochet® Horse Spray
Ricochet® Horse Spray helps keep coats shiny, healthy, and resilient to the effects of skin rashes, rain rot, and the like.
Ricochet Horse Spray
Sore No-More® Performance Liniment
Sore No-More® Performance Liniment for legs and body, sore muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Excellent for horses with sensitive skin.
Sore No-More Performance Liniment
Sore No-More® Performance Gelotion
Sore No-More® Performance Gelotion is an arnica based herbal liniment in a convenient gel form. Thicker than the original liniment to stay on those hard to reach areas.
Sore No-More Performance Performance Gelotion
Sore No-More® Performance Poultice
Sore No-More® Performance Poultice is silky smooth and nonirritating. To be applied to areas of edema, swelling, heat, inflammation, and infection.
Sore No-More Performance Performance Gelotion
Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Liniment
The most versatile liniment on the market, now in a clinical strength formula. This 100% herbal, arnica-based liniment is lobelia and capsaicin free to give you the most highly effective topical analgesic for any competition level.
Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment
Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Gelotion
This thicker version of Sore No-More® Performance Ultra provides a clinical strength formula in an easy to apply, gel-lotion form. The 100% herbal, arnica-based formula is lobelia and capsaicin free, so you can apply worry free it before and after you ride and compete at any level.
Sore No-More Performance Performance Gelotion
Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Poultice
Our world renowned, silky-smooth poultice in a clinical strength formula that's as easy to remove as it is to apply. Our specially blended bentonite clay formula is 100% herbal and arnica-based so you can compete, worry free, at the highest of levels.
Sore No-More Performance Performance Gelotion

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