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Two For Tails Donation: Sore No-More Performance Ultra Gelotion

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Product Description

Wondering how you can help the many animals in need after the recent natural disasters across the country?  Simple!  Just add one of the selected, discounted relief donation products to your cart and Arenus will MATCH it with a second product!  Both the discounted product you purchased and the one matched by Arenus will be sent directly to partner organizations providing care for homeless and injured animals. 

Let's face it, the animals displaced by these natural disasters have been through a lot.  They've been stressed, bruised, and battered and their bodies deserve a reprieve.  Sore No-More Performance Ultra Gelotion is the top of the line liniment formulation available.  This clinical strength formula provides maximum relief from body pain and inflammation while remaining gentle and safe to use on sensitive skin and tender areas.  

  • A thicker formula than the liniment that is easy to apply before and after a ride.
  • The Gelotion is a better option to use on areas such as the girth, poll, neck and lower limbs, where regular liniment might run off, causing product waste.
  • The thicker consistency allows for a more precise application, leading to focus on a specific area of deep and soft tissue discomfort.
  • Has dual usage as a coupling medium for ultrasound work while helping to ease any discomfort associated with soft tissue inflammation. 

The research backed Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Gelotion is the optimal consistency of liniment, as a gelotion, for easy application to areas where regular liniment might run off.  It is a clinical strength formula that helps reduce inflammation and increase circulation making it a staple choice for those who do not want to waste a drop.

Conceived for high level competitors and developed for all levels of riders, it is a worry free product to use on competition day. Formulated with all-natural, herbal ingredients that are not on FEI regulatory lists, it is the ideal choice to use before and after competition. This Gelotion is safe to use under tack, boots, wraps, blankets and with therapeutics like BeneFab by Sore No-More®, it will help ease deep and soft tissue discomfort that arises before, during and after competition. Highly absorbable, it will infiltrate those deep muscle pains without causing friction and warmth under tack.  Though it is clinical strength, it is safe to use on delicate skinned horses. For those getting back into the show ring routine after an injury, the Gelotion helps aid in bringing horses back after injury by helping to reduce inflammation and increase circulation to muscles, tendons and ligaments.


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Arenus/Equilite SORE NO-MORE video.avi 15:22

The Sore No-More video featuring the coolest liniment around. Watch all the ways you can use the Liniment, Gelotion, Massage Shampoo, Poultice, Sports Salve, and The Sauce (sugardine tutorial). Listen to Chester Weber, Cesar Parra, Karyn Erickson, and Doug Hannum talk about how Sore No-More helps them in competition. Go to www.arenus.com for more information.

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    The Sore No-More video featuring the coolest liniment around. ...
  • Two For Tails
    Recent natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, wildfire...

Additional Information


For topical use only. Not meant to be ingested. Keep away from immediate eye area. Do not use on open cuts or wounds. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from an open flame. For equine and canine use only.


Shake well before using

Use on lower and upper limbs.

Apply to directly to skin and massage prior and after exercise on; the back, legs, poll, or hocks.

Paint directly on sole of sore hooves.

Gelotion may also be applied to area and a wet, warm towel placed over gelotion application to help increase circulation

Safe to use under, tack, wraps, blankets and under therapeutics like Benefab by Sore No-More.


Proprietary extract of witch hazel bark and leaves with the following common herbs: Arnica (Arnica Montana), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Ginger (Zingiber officinale), Comfrey (Symphytum officinale), and xanthan gum

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