Thank You, Stacey

Stacey Small, the original creator and owner of Sore No-More, Botanical Animal and Equilite Herbals, passed away this past week after a prolonged battle with cancer. Stacey’s incredible spirit along with conventional and holistic medicine helped to give her extra time that marveled many. She was so much more than the creator and owner of Sore No-More to us at Arenus Animal Health — she was a good friend and a mentor to many of us. Stacey was a kind-hearted person who helped mentor countless friends and improve the lives of millions of horses and their owners across the world. On behalf of everyone at Arenus Animal Health, we want to sincerely thank you for everything you have done. You were one of the rare few to make a difference in countless horses lives

About Stacey

For those of you who didn’t have the chance to get to know her very well, Stacey was someone who had a significant impact on countless horses and people alike. Stacey was a horse person her whole life. She has been involved in competitions, dressage, breeding, and even horse racing. At the race track, Stacey was responsible for caring for horses through therapy work, acupuncture, massage, laser, ultrasound, and more.

Stacey worked closely with leading veterinarians who set her on a path that would change her life forever. The veterinarians at the time didn’t have the time or resources to study different herbs and other ingredients to be used for equine health. The vets encouraged her to really dig into the herbals science and their effectiveness. This lead to Stacey creating Equilite, a manufacturer and distributor of the award-winning Sore No-More as well as all-natural herbal supplements, and flower essences for horses.

Stacey was of the school of thought that since horses are herbivores, the supplements and other products they use should more closely match their diet with herbal ingredients. This eventually led Stacey to develope the Sore No-More horse liniment line, which went on to be voted Product of the Year by The Horse Journal. Stacey started creating the first batches of Sore No-More in a pot on her stove nearly 25 years ago. The demand for Sore No-More quickly took off and she then had to move to make it in the sink, then the bathtub, then finally a full-blown commercial operation.

The Future

Ever since Arenus Animal Health purchased the three brands from Stacey in 2009, Stacey remained a trusted consultant and advisor as long as her health permitted. Together, we helped build and execute her vision. Moving forward, we will be sure to continue her legacy by exemplifying her core values. Stacey Small and Arenus Animal Health created an environmentally conscious way to produce high-quality, all-natural animal health products. Moving forward, we aim to carry Stacey’s legacy forward and make her proud.

From the bottom of our hearts, Stacey, thank you for the difference you have made in everybody’s lives. Your impact on the world can’t be measured or put into words, but we are forever grateful to you for everything you have done.