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Aleira® by Arenus Animal Health is one of the most effective ways to support the lung tissue affected by COPD in horses. Aleira® is backed by extensive research and includes only the most purposeful and thought out ingredients. Arenus Animal Health is a name well-known and trusted in the veterinarian and equine community. You can depend on Aleira® to be the safest and most effective respiratory horse supplement developed to date. Keep reading below to learn more or visit our Aleira® product page to learn how Aleira® can improve your horse’s respiratory health by supporting lung tissue function.

At Arenus Animal Health, we proudly stand behind our Aleira® product to support lung function in horses with COPD. Some of the main reasons that you should choose Aleira® for the respiratory health of your horses  include:

  • Proven by Research to Improve RAO and IAD in Horses
  • Made With the Highest Quality Algal-Based DHA On the Market
  • Veterinarian Recommended and Trusted
  • Safe For Horses of All Ages
  • Clinically Proven to Support the Body Systems Responsible for Allergies, Hives, and Dermatitis
  • Unique and Patent-Pending Formula

COPD in Horses

What is it?

COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, however, COPD in horses is no longer the accepted term in the veterinarian community. It is now referred to as RAO or recurrent airway obstruction. For our purposes, though, we will use either or.

COPD in horses is a common condition that affects horses of all ages predominantly in the spring and summer season. Its symptoms are similar to those of allergies and cause the airways of your horse to constrict. This makes it more difficult for your horse to breathe and often owners notice that horses’ breathing accelerates and they may cough. In most cases, COPD in horses is fairly mild and common. However, more severe cases are possible and may cause lung damage. COPD requires excellent support to prevent future damage.

What Causes COPD in Horses?

Just like with humans, no two horses are exactly alike. Something that may trigger an allergic reaction in one horse may have no effect on another. Most commonly, though, allergens can be found in stored hay, stored straw, dusty enclosed environments, and more [1].

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What is Aleira®?

Aleira is a respiratory supplement

Aleira is a respiratory horse supplement clinically proven to improve the lung tissue of horses, especially those with symptoms of COPD, RAO, and IAD. Horses are exposed to a wide variety of allergens on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that as many as 50% of competitive horses can suffer from respiratory issues like COPD in horses. Aleira’s® one-of-a-kind, granular daily feed supplement is designed to promote all aspects of your horses’ immune system and respiratory system — including system support for COPD in horses. The unique blend that we created at Arenus Animal Health helps to maintain optimal respiratory health and function through cellular support of your horses lungs in an all-natural, non-medicated horse supplement.

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What Do Real Aleira® Customers

Have To Say About It?

Amazing products & service!

A + staff-- I always got answers quickly, and their nutritionist Brady is amazing! He called frequently to check up on things and to answer any questions. I recommend any of their products!

- Mykel Johnson

Ingredients in Aleira®

That Fight COPD in Horses

Aleira® has a patent-pending blend of a variety of natural ingredients that promote respiratory health in your horse and help them to actively fight COPD in horses. Additionally, Aleria® does provide horse immune health benefits as well. Within our respiratory horse supplement from Arenus Animal Health, there is a unique blend of allgal-DHA, antioxidant-rich mushrooms, vitamin C and MSM. These four ingredients work together to provide safe and natural cellular and immune support for your horses respiratory system.

It’s also worth noting that Aleira® contains all-vegetarian ingredients and the most valuable omega-3 fatty acids for respiratory health, DHA. DHA also provides other powerful benefits for COPD in horses like:

The pro-inflamatory response of immune cells in broncheo alveolar fluid was lowered after supplementation with DHA [2]. DHA is among the most potent, orally administered reducers of pro-inflammatory molecules.

DHA helps maintain immune system function and DHA supports the flexibility of red blood cell membranes which are crucial in maintaining blood supply and oxygen delivery [3].

Fatty acids like DHA may also promote healthy lung function and mitigate pulmonary responses to allergies or poor air quality [3].

The DHA mushroom blend in Aleira®

is a nutraceutical group of cordyceps, reishi and king trumpet mushrooms with potent enzymatic functions as well as immunomodulation. This is 100%-certified organic mushroom blend provides powerful benefits such as:

  • Powerful antioxidative support that promotes normal respiratory function, healthy lung function and immune function.
  • Cordyceps mushrooms can reduce serum markers of airway inflammation [3].
  • Reishi mushrooms have been shown to reduce airway inflammation [3].
  • The antioxidant found in King Trumpet mushrooms inhibits oxidative stress in lung tissue [3].
  • MSM and vitamin C in Aleira® further support the immune system and help manage the symptoms of seasonal allergies.
  • Vitamin C is needed for normal cellular immunity and also has an antioxidant function that neutralizes potentially damaging free radicals.
  • Horses can synthesize vitamin C in their liver (unlike humans), but extra support may be needed as lower plasma levels of vitamin C have been reported in horses diagnosed with RAO/COPD in horses [4].
  • MSM has anti-inflammatory capabilities and data in humans suggest that MSM may be useful in the reunion of symptoms of season rhinitis or Hay Fever.

Research Information

That Supports the Efficacy of Aleira®

A study conducted at Purdue University evaluated the effects of omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, given through supplementation with Aleira® and fed in conjunction with a low dust diet to 34 client-owned horses with chronic inflammatory disease (COPD in horses, ROA, and IAD) [1]. The results were as follows:

Horses in this study were also evaluated on day 0 and day 56. On both days, a physical exam was conducted, blood was collected for a leukogram, pulmonary function was evaluated, and RAO (COPD in horses), or IAD diagnoses were given, cytology was completed, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) was collected and 8-isoprostane concentration (measures oxidative stress) was tested. The tests displayed the following:

  • Horses receiving 1 dose of Aleira® daily exhibited a significantly higher Visual Analog Score (VAS) at two months over the horses that were fed a placebo horse supplement.
  • The VAS for cough and respiratory effect after two months of treatment showed significant improvement in horses given Aleira® compared to the horses given the placebo.
  • The effects of DHA (a key ingredient in Aleira® to ease COPD in horses) supplementation on VAS were first noticeable as early as two weeks.
  • The effects of supplementation with Aleira® reached maximum benefit for coughing in horses within five to six weeks.
  • The effects of DHA (a key ingredient in Aleira® to ease COPD in horses) supplementation reached maximum effect for poor performance between three to five weeks.
  • DHA supplementation through Aleira® for two months resulted in a significant reduction in neutrophils in BALF which was not observed in placebo-fed horses.
  • Horses supplemented with Aleira® for two months saw a significant improvement in lung function.
  • Aleira® supplementation for two months resulted in a 10-fold increase in plasma DHA levels. No other fatty acids were affected.

Aleira® for COPD in Horses

Immune and respiratory health is crucial for people and horses alike. When you want to keep your horse healthy and performing their best, Aleira® is the obvious choice. Whether it’s COPD in horses, RAO, IAD, or allergies, Aleira® by Arenus Animal Health can help. We have the patent-pending blend that brings your horse the best omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, and more for powerful results for immune and respiratory health.

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