Arenus Ambassadors

At Arenus, we value the health and performance of competitive equine athletes and proudly support the riders who care for them. Arenus Ambassadors exemplify our vision, mission and values and excel at their given disciplines. Each of these riders chose Arenus from the vast array of animal health products available prior to becoming an Ambassador because they simply work. Read more about these athletes in their profiles below!


Jennifer Barrett

Laura Chapot

Callan Solem

David Ziegler


Todd Sommers

Jordan Fellers

Shawn Flarida

Travis Wigen

Gabe Hutchins

Kyle Kellmer

Barb Crabo

Tracer Gilson

Cassie Pierce

Cayla Stone

Warwick Schiller

Mike Brashear


Mack Weaver

Erika Wager

Katie Tharp-Hebert


Dougie Hannum

Emily Thompson