As owners, trainers and veterinarians, we want the very best for our animals.  When an animal is suffering, we desperately seek the best solutions - just as we would for ourselves.  At Arenus, not only will you find the best solutions for your animal's health, you'll find solutions that benefit the world we live in, too.  

Our Ride For a Green World initiative places environmental awareness at the forefront of our production and operation efforts.  We are constantly working to find better, more sustainable ways to offer our products while reducing our footprint and encouraging others to do the same.

As a consumer, you can take simple steps to become more eco-conscious by purchasing products that offer a Ride For a Green World packaging option.  These products are packaged only in a recyclable plastic bag and cardboard box, thereby eliminating the traditional plastic bucket and reducing waste.  Additionally, as a thank you for your support of our initiative, you'll receive a discount on each Ride For a Green World product you order!

We believe in doing all we can to make our world a better place to be, to explore, and to ride and we invite you to join us in making Ride For a Green World a success.  Stay tuned and watch we roll out new Ride For a Green World product options, events and tips on how you can make your home (and your barn) greener!