Q: How is Eq-Well different from other vitamin-mineral supplements?

A: There are a lot of vitamin-mineral balancers out there and choosing the right one for your horse can be tough. Eq-Well was developed by Arenus’ CEO and equine nutritionist after years of studying common nutritional deficiencies in horses. The goal was to create a superior supplement that could be used to fill gaps in nutritional programs for a variety of horses while providing unbeatable absorption and benefit. Eq-Well does just that. Each of the major minerals in the Eq-Well formulation are either chelated or double chelated, meaning your horse is able to easily absorb and use them to their full capacity. The addition of HMTBa, Sodium Zeolite A and TelaFIRM make Eq-Well able to support bones, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues more completely than any other supplement. Natural Vitamin E and Omega-3s team up to ensure your horse’s immune system is supported throughout their life. The formula is designed to be fed to all ages and lifestyles to make life easier on you!

Q: When comparing, another supplement has more of a certain mineral or vitamin than Eq-Well. Does that mean it's better?

A: More isn’t always better– particularly when it comes to ration balancing. Scientifically formulated Eq-Well was designed to support a wide variety of horses regardless of age, size and performance level. Horses thrive on a delicate balance of vitamins and minerals and finding those optimal levels is the key to unlocking their best self. The levels of vitamins and minerals in Eq-Well were carefully calculated to provide just the right balance.

Q: Is Eq-Well palatable?

A: Yes, typically if your horse routinely eats other supplements without issue then working Eq-Well into their feeding program won’t be a problem. Eq-Well is designed to be fed with or without ration and offers dosing recommendations for both. If you do experience issues, try some simple things like starting with a smaller dose or adding water, vegetable oil, diluted corn syrup (50 - 75% water) or molasses.

Q: Will my horse need to be on Eq-Well forever?

A: Eq-Well is designed to be a daily ration balancer for horses of all ages. You could begin feeding Eq-Well to your horse as a foal and continue feeding throughout their life. While you can certainly use Eq-Well to support your horse through difficult transitions or nutritional challenges, feeding daily will ensure they are able to give you their best each and every day.

Q: What does "chelated" mean?

A: Many equine supplements and feeds contain the common minerals we associate with equine health (selenium, manganese, copper and zinc). However, most of these formulations contain inorganic minerals due to cost concerns. Inorganic minerals are minerals that are bound to a salt, making it difficult for them to survive the acidity of the stomach and reach the hindgut where they’re to be absorbed by your horse. Organic, or chelated, minerals are carbon bound which protects the mineral from the stomach’s acidic environment and ensures safe passage to the hindgut for absorption. Eq-Well uses TelaFIRM as a base and its proprietary formulation utilizes only organic minerals for optimal digestion and benefit to your horse.

Q: Is Eq-Well safe for my horse with metabolic issues?

A: The Eq-Well formulation contains no corn or molasses making it safe for most metabolic conditions such as Cushings, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance and laminitis. Eq-Well provides a low, beneficial daily dose of chromium that can help with a horse’s glucose - insulin relationship.