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Assure Plus


Product Description

  • Designed to be combined with one of our daily Assure System products, Assure Plus allows for a customized equine digestive supplement regimen.
  • The patented Assure Plus is one of the only equine psyllium supplements on the market available in a pellet form, allowing for easy feeding and enhanced palatability.
  • The combination of Assure Plus and Assure Guard was utilized in a clinical research study and proven to address a variety of equine digestive conditions like colic, diarrhea, poor body condition and sand accumulation.
  • Assure Plus, along with the Assure System, is the equine GI supplement of choice among veterinarians nationwide.
  • The Assure Plus pellet is uniquely designed to function as a natural psyllium flake once in the digestive system and promotes optimal GI function along with hindgut health and healing.

As the original Assure product, Assure Plus was developed by a practicing veterinarian to address the many equine digestive ailments he faced in the field.  This patented formulation boasts a heavy psyllium base combined with high quality pre and probiotics, yeast and digestive enzymes to create a powerful supplement proven to reset and maintain your horse’s GI function. 

Though routinely associated with sand removal, psyllium is a powerful ingredient with many benefits to the equine digestive tract.  When in its original, flake form, it has an uncanny water binding capacity which creates a soothing, gel-like consistency once in the GI tract that promotes optimal function, mucosal healing and has even been proven to lower blood glucose and insulin concentrations [1].  Arenus’ unique pelleting process ensures Assure Plus’ psyllium retains its ability to function exactly as it would in its original form upon reaching the digestive tract, ensuring your horse receives the full benefit possible. 

Designed to be paired with one of the Assure System daily supplements (Assure, Assure Hoof or Assure Guard), Assure Plus was utilized in a 144 horse, field trial study evaluating a variety of chronic, equine digestive conditions across the United States.  Using the Assure Guard/Assure Plus combination, the study resulted in the resolution of 100% of chronic colic cases, 80% of gastric ulcer cases, 80% of chronic diarrhea cases, 100% of sand accumulation cases and 94% of weight loss or poor body condition cases [2].

Due to its efficacy, Assure Plus continues to be recommended by veterinarians and utilized by clinics nationwide.  By adding Assure Plus to your daily Assure, Assure Hoof or Assure Guard regimen, you ensure your horse receives the best digestive support available - guaranteed.


[1] Moreaux S, Nichols J, Bowman J, Hatfield P.  Psyllium Lowers Blood Glucose and Insulin Concentrations in Horses.  J Eq Vet Sci 2011; 31, 4: 160-165.

[2] Brendemuehl JP, Altman J, Kopp K, Blikslager A. A multi-center clinical trial utilizing a combined probiotic, prebiotic and psyllium product for the management of chronic gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea and colic) in clinically affected horses. 2010; Novus Nutritional Brands, LLC.


Frequently Asked Questions


                                                                                       DOSING CHART:

Assure Plus

Type of Horse/Weight

Recommended Dosing per Day

Assure Plus 7.5lb

Servings per Container

Assure Plus 15lb

Servings per Container

Assure Plus 25lb

Servings per Container

Horse (901-1400lb/459-638kg)

2 scoops




Miniature (175-350lb/75-158kg)

½ scoop




Ponies (351-900lb/159-458kg)

1 ½ scoops




Draft (>1400lb/>638kg)

3 scoops





                                    PRICE PER DAY:

                                      At two scoop per day dosing.




Assure Plus 7.5lb



Assure Plus 15lb



Assure Plus 25lb



Additional Information


Assure Plus is designed to be used with one of the daily Assure System products (Assure, Assure Hoof or Assure Guard) and it is recommended to utilize a 4-6 week loading period when beginning an Assure System regimen to optimize digestive function as quickly as possible.

For the loading period, feed 2 level scoops of Assure Plus daily per 1100lb of body weight, or follow the dosing chart, along with the daily Assure product that best suits your horse’s needs.

For maintenance, feed the recommended dose of Assure Plus for 7 consecutive days out of each month and continue use of the daily Assure product each day as recommended in the appropriate dosing chart.

If your horse does not receive grain, Assure Plus can be given as a “treat” or fed alone at both the loading and maintenance doses.

If palatability issues arise, add small amounts of water, oil or molasses to encourage acceptance.

It is recommended that you consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations prior to adding Assure Plus, or any supplement, to your horse’s daily regimen.

Store product in a cool, dry place.


Psyllium seed husk, wheat mill run, direct fed microorganism blend (distillers grain, dried Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product, sodium silicoaluminate, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, dried Trichoderma longibrachiatum fermentation extract, dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation extract), brewers dried yeast, dried Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation solubles, natural and artificial flavoring (vanilla extract).

Guaranteed Analysis per Dose (Two 113g Scoops):
Crude protein (min)……………………………………………..…………..4%
Crude fat (min)………………………………………..……………………….1%
Crude fiber (max)……………………………………………..………………8%
Mannooligosaccharides (MOS) (min)……………………………….1%
Saccharomyces cerevisiae…………………………………..……………20 billion cfu*
Lactobacillus acidophilus……………………………..……………….….1 billion cfu*
Enterococcus faecium…………………………………..………….………750 million cfu*
Protease……………………………………….……………………………..…..97 HUT**
Alpha-amylase…………………………………………..………………….….340 MWU**
Cellulase …………………………………………………………….………..……49 CU**

* CFU refers to colony forming units (live cells)
** HUT, MWU and CU are recognized industry standards for measuring enzyme potency

Product Reviews

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  1. sand and juicy butt

    Posted by Karen Maruszak on Jul 23rd 2017

    I have owned my AQHA gelding for 5 years and have faithfully used a psyllium product 7 consecutive days every month. In April he was experiencing a juicy discharge which before had indicated that psyllium was due. This time the symptom did not improve do my vet put him on daily Assure. I should mention that he is insulin resistant so I have to be extremely careful what he consumes. The Assure alone did not help and now his poop is cow paddy consistency as well. We then added Assure Plus and put him on the 3 week loading dose. During this time he experienced a yo-yo effect whereby he would have a couple of normal days then a juicy day. I did use the on line chat on the Arenus web site and the moderator was very helpful. After the loading dose he had one week off then 7 more days. We are now 3 weeks past that and everything has been normal. Keeping my fingers crossed. Here in Florida we have extremely sandy soil so I will continue with the daily Assure and monthly Assure Plus.

  2. wow.

    Posted by Donna L Powell on May 10th 2017

    I used the Assure Plus on my 18 year old draft horse I have had for 15 years. The change in him was mind blowing. In just 3 days he was cantering with me (we play) and was bright eyed and acting like he did when he was 6! I ran out (I had purchased the 25lb. bucket) and he slowly reverted back to better than he had been, but not as good as he was while using Assure Plus. I have since reorded. I originally purched it for the sand removal, but turns out he never had any sand in his poop before, during or after. Whew. Good to know. It is a great product and in 15 years of having him with all his allergies both skin and recently breathing, I have used a bunch! His allergies improved. He currently takes allergy shots, steriods and antihistamines. I will be using the other products on recommendation of Brady, the nutritionist. I do recommend this. Donna Powell.

  3. Assure Plus works!

    Posted by Lori Moore on May 6th 2017

    My vet told me this product is better for helping to prevent impaction colic than anything else on the market. Our property is mostly sandy dirt, we've been using Assure Plus for about a year and so far so good for our six horses.

  4. It works!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 24th 2017

    I am careful about what I feed my horses so I was shocked to find out that my older horse had stomach issues since he eats out of a big tub. My vet recommended Assure Plus. I thought they were all the same. But, I was at the vet hospital and just wanted to get home so I bought a bucket of Assure Plus. I soon learned that similar products are not the same and Assure Plus is much much better and helped get my horse back to normal very quickly. Thank you Arenus!

  5. Not all Psyllium Supplements are created equally.

    Posted by Caroline McCormick on Mar 13th 2017

    This product is saving my mare after (10) years of being colicky and recently adding hives/weals that would errupt all over her body following a severe colic, to her problems. The healing aspects of Assure Plus along with Assure Guard are doing the job. After 8 weeks, I have a mare that is happier and healthier than she has been in years. Her intestinal health is better now and she is tolerating allergy shots and making progress. If you suspect your horse has allergies and "leaky-gut syndrome", then take this product seriously and start your horse on it. The healthy gut is the basis for the healthy horse.

  6. Finally found the correct ratio

    Posted by Michelle on Feb 17th 2017

    Horse is finally eating Assure Plus BUT only when it is broken up in to two separate feedings. If both scoops fed at the same time it seems like he has a hard time chewing and swallowing all of it. So now it is a cup of crimped oats, one scoop of Assure Plus, one single serving container of apple sauce (the moisture really helps), a dollop of corn syrup, and a few treats (apple chunks or carrot or granola bar or horse mints) tossed in. Well mixed. Now he cleans up the bucket. He gets that as soon as I get home at 7 pm and the second bucket is given around 9:30 pm.

  7. Sand seems to be moving

    Posted by Michelle on Feb 5th 2017

    Started the horse on Assure Plus on Jan 27 and had little Faith that it would do him any good. Here we are on Feb 5 and the sand is moving. He still has diarrhea but his tail is full of sand every time I wash it so apparently the Assure Plus is doing it's job. Fingers crossed that this all resolves before fly season starts!

  8. Not palatable

    Posted by Michelle on Jan 30th 2017

    Older gelding experiencing very loose stool. Vet thinks sand and highly recommended this product and Assure. Had high expectations that it would help. When the product arrived you could smell it before you could see it. Very pungent and not all that pleasant. Horse is not liking it at all, even with liberal doses of Karo syrup in the rolled oats. He eats about half of it and starts spitting it out while walking away. Won't do him any good if he won't eat it. I am hoping he gets used to it and will keep trying various incentives but not feeling optimistic right now.

  9. Assure Plus Ended My Six Year Battle with Sand

    Posted by evon on Jan 21st 2017

    I own two horses that had sand in their abdomens for about 6 years. Following my veterinarian’s instructions, I tried a 30-day cycle of Sand Clear which didn’t work. Next, I tried 30 days of Equi-Aid Psyllium which did not work, and I finally tried Equus Psyllium which also did not work. We tried 30-day cycles every 3rd month, but the sand remained. My veterinarian and I were very frustrated by the situation. She finally recommended I try Assure Plus but wasn’t sure it would do much better since she thought all psyllium products were the same. I gave it a shot, and for the first time in 6 years, my horses were sand free! My vet now knows that all psyllium products are not equal, and she highly recommends Assure Plus to her clients and tells the story of my two horses repeatedly. My horses have been sand free for more than 2 years now with Assure Plus being administered 7 days of each month.
    If you are interested, you can read my whole story about my battle with sand at http://www.myhearthorse.com/how-i-finally-ended-the-six-year-battle-with-sand-in-my-horses/

  10. Excellent Advice

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 9th 2016

    My older horse got pneumonia and that led to discovering that he had a big issue with sand in his gut. I felt terrible because I work hard to take good care of him and thought he was just looking thinner due to age. Thanks to a wonderful vet who recommended AssurePlus! It has turned him around and he is a much happier horse!

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