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​Simple Ways to Green Your Barn

Posted by Kendra Van Hall on

Solar panels on top of barn Earth Day is on its way, and over here at Team Arenus, we are thinking about ways to make our barns, homes and workplace even more environmentally friendly.

If you haven't already started to “go green” in your barn, you might consider getting a head start this month.

Not only is a greener barn better for the planet, but it can save you considerably each year on water, hay, grain and energy costs. 

According to Horse Journals, "Going green doesn’t have to mean spending a small fortune." In most cases, barn owners can really save money and valuable resources with a few simple adjustments. For example, a simple light dimmer installed in the barn can save quite a bit in energy costs over time.

“We run our gutters to the water tank in our horse pasture so that it refills on its own when it rains or the snow melts,” says Arenus Animal Health Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Amanda Mills. This tip is a great way to save your water supply especially during the spring.

In addition, your animals, neighbors, and local ecology will thank you for using gentler, earth-friendly barn products. Some products contain harmful chemicals that leach into the soil and travel downward through permeable soils when it rains. Soil leaching can harm the soil quality over time, cause groundwater contamination and negatively impact local farms. 

Further, barn products and topicals that contain harsh chemicals can irritate your animals’ eyes and skin. Our Sore No-More Massage Shampoo, is a great, earth-friendly bathing option for horses and dogs. 

Remember, it's the basics of conservation – reduce, reuse, recycle - that add up to major changes that make a lasting impact. So, join us this Earth Day, and green your barn! Below are just a few of Team Arenus' favorite greening tips: 

Green Tip #1: Recycle Plastic Product Containers

Tips for an earth-friendly barn

Green Tip #2: Conserve & Reuse Rain Water

Tips for an earth-friendly barn

Green Tip #3: Use Earth-Friendly Barn Products

Tips for an earth-friendly barn

Over to You: Share Your Green Barn Tips with Us

It's your turn to let US know – What are your favorite earth-friendly barn tips? How do you conserve water, energy and supplies in your barn? Tag Arenus Animal Health with hashtag #RideForAGreenWorld to share your eco-friendly barn tips, tricks and hacks throughout the month of April. Be sure to follow us social media to keep up with our latest Arenus Animal Health updates.

And while you're browsing, don't forget to check out our Ride For A Green World initiative. One easy step to reduce your impact is to shop our Ride For A Green World products, which allow you to refill your existing supplement bucket and save money! These products are available in Ride For A Green World packaging and more are on the way:

  • Steadfast Equine
  • Assure Guard
  • Eq-Well

  • Happy greening from Team Arenus! 

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