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The Truth About Ceramic Therapy

Posted by Trevor Venegas on

In today’s day and age, it can seem like there are a million ways to treat your horse’s ailments but how do you know which is the best? Each one claims to solve some problem the other one’s couldn’t and after two hours of research, you are even more confused than when you started. For this reason, many people continue using tried and true methods even though there could be something better out there. This is where ceramic therapy comes in.

With multiple scientific studies proving its effectiveness at reducing swelling and relieving pain, it is hard to deny that ceramic therapy is a very viable option for safe and natural treatment. Ceramic therapy works by emitting a soothing, thermal warmth in the far­-infrared wavelengths that stimulates increased vibration of oxygen atoms in the deep tissue level causing water molecules in blood to shrink. This process increases blood circulation and, at the same time, reduces pain and inflammation. Ceramic therapy renders the same benefits as heat therapy without the need for a heating element.

So ceramic therapy is great and all, but how can you put it to use? Luckily, our BeneFab by Sore No-More line has you covered. Our line of ceramic therapy wearables are infused with ceramic nano-particles which are a combination of 30 lead-free minerals such as Silica [SiO2], Magnesium [Mg], and Aluminum [Al]. The combination of these minerals provide the benefits of ceramic therapy within a flexible, washable and comfortable material.

Our BeneFab line of products comes in many different forms such as poll and saddle pads, hoods, wraps, blankets and more. The versatility of the BeneFab line allows the products to be used both as a preventative measure while working your horse and after, to reduce soreness and inflammation. Unlike older methods of heat therapy using a heating pad or blanket, BeneFab products can be left on the animal without worry of electrocution or coming losing power.

Basically, ceramic therapy allows you the option of treating your horse’s muscle soreness and inflammation whenever and wherever you would like. With no need for a power source, you can be confident your horse will be safe while he or she is recovering away from your supervision. Just throw on a BeneFab by Sore No-More SmartScrim and walk away; your horse will stay warm, relaxed and comfortable until you see it next. For maximum pain and soreness relief, make sure to massage your horse with Sore No-More liniment or gelotion prior to adding BeneFab products. Leaving Sore No-More gel or liniment on underneath BeneFab products allows for increased circulation while keeping swelling and inflammation to a minimum.

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