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Meet Baxter Brookins: Steadfast Results Dog

Posted by Kendra Van Hall on

Can you imagine not being able to easily run and play? About one year ago, eleven-year-old mountain dog Baxter Brookins was slowing down after a ligament injury and canine arthritis. At first, owner Carole Brookins decided to watch and see how Baxter's condition progressed. However, over time Baxter became less mobile and was clearly in more and more pain each day. Their activities, like hiking, became challenging for Baxter, so Carole started to look for a solution. 

Eventually, Carole took Baxter to Vet Rehab Clinic of Fort Collins in Northern, Colorado. After evaluating Baxter, the veterinarian recommended physical therapy, along with Steadfast Canine. "The doctor told me that Steadfast would be a good supplement for him overall. For his ligament injury, but also would help his arthritis," says Carole. 

Turning a Corner After One Year 

After a year on Steadfast Canine, Baxter Brookins is now able to hike in the mountains of Colorado, jump and play ball with Carole. "The foot isn't as collapsed from that blown ligament. And he hardly ever holds that paw up anymore, and he rarely limps. The best part is seeing that he's not in as much pain and that he's staying mobile," shares Carole. This year, Carole and Baxter are off to the beaches of California. Carole says that Baxter's favorite thing to do is run on the sandy beaches. This year, he finally can.

Team Arenus is thrilled for Baxter's recovery, and glad to see him playing with owner Carole again. Thanks for sharing your recovery story with us, Baxter and Carole!

Celebrate #SteadfastResults with Team Arenus

Has your pup recovered mobility or joint health with the help of Steadfast Canine? Share your Steadfast Results stories with #SteadfastResults, and be sure to tag Arenus on social media. For those interested, we are offering a free sample of Steadfast Canine with any purchase on Arenus.com this February. We look forward to seeing your results!

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