Kallie Wright

Barrel Racing
Arenus Ambassador Since 2016


Kallie has been training barrel horses and competing professionally for 12 years now! She lives in Milford Utah with her Husband Spencer and her daughter Steeley. Being a wife and mom comes first and shortly behind that comes being a barrel horse trainer. She makes her living selling horses she has trained, providing lessons and occasionally taking outside horses. Kallie’s dad and her partner on breeding and they raise quite a few babies!

Barrel racing is more than just a hobby to Kallie, it’s definitely a part of who she is. Throughout her career, she has won at every level from Futurities, to slot races, amateur rodeos and Pro rodeos! Aboard great horses Kallie has won close to 80k, won multiple saddles, buckles and other awards in her lifetime. Kallie’s horse’s health and nutrition play a huge roll in her success and that’s why she choose to be part of team Arenus!



  • 2019 - 1st, 1D Futurity average, Dash For Dollars Futurity, riding BCK Spyder Monkey


“It’s no secret that performance horses are hard on their joints. We do all we can between our routine vet visits to keep our horses feeling good and I truly believe that Steadfast Equine has given my horses consistency from week to week. They aren’t stiff or sore after long hauls anymore and are prepared for their runs. I feel like Steadfast Equine lets me get the most out of the vet work we have done and prolong the results.”

“I’m a huge fan of the Sore No-More liniment and poultice products. I use the liniment as needed when my horse shows signs of sore muscles between runs and it keeps him supple. I use the poultice after my runs; it’s like a spa treatment for my horse. I can instantly see him start to relax and lick his lips. It pulls the heat out of his legs and helps prevent injury to the tendons and ligaments.”

“Out of all the Arenus products I use, Assure Guard Gold is one that I will never go without. I used to have a horse that would routinely colic, and then we started him on Assure Guard Gold. No more colic. It has been life changing for all of my horses. I trust this product because its been tested and proven to do what it says it will. Not many other digestive support products can say that. The stress of hauling and competing can take a toll on a horse, and I have personally seen this product keep my horses on their regular eating schedule away from home. It’s made them less nervous and they consistently come out feeling great. I feel like Assure Guard Gold has given me a leg up on my competition and taken the stress of digestive problems away.”