5 Reasons To Try Sore No-More - Research Proven Pain Relief!

by Arenus Animal Health

It’s tough on both you and your horses when they’re struggling with sore muscles and other aches and pains. By far the best horse health product on the market to help with these problems is Sore No-More from Arenus Animal Health. We have a variety of horse liniment formulas to target the exact needs of your horse. If you’re on the fence about horse liniment, today’s blog dives into five great reasons to give Sore No-More a try.

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Typically, herbal topical creams and other horse liniment options don’t pack much punch when it comes to pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. However, Sore No-More is the exception. Without a doubt, Sore No-More is the most powerful horse liniment on the market. It took years of careful engineering and testing to get the all-natural, herbal formula perfect, and the result has been an exceptional topical with serious pain relieving and anti-inflammatory prowess. Don’t just take our word for it, though, try it for yourself today!


Sore No-More is so gentle you can safely use it every day without adverse effects on horse health. When we created Sore No-More horse liniment, we formulated it without capsaicin or menthol so it will never burn or blister your horse’s skin. Even if your horse is typically sensitive to other horse liniment, our Sore No-More formulas can be trusted to cause no irritation or problems. Plus, it is just as safe and gentle on your hands as it is on your horse’s skin.

Safely Paired with Therapeutics

As mentioned earlier, our team spent years painstaking creating our Sore No-More horse liniment formulas using only all-natural, safe ingredients. Because of this, Sore No-More is the number one choice among equine veterinarians, therapists, and rehabilitation specialists throughout the country. These horse liniments can be used under wraps, pads, and blankets without worry and are compatible with all therapeutic modalities, such as ceramics and magnetics, for horse health and wellness.

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Research Proven

Another great reason to try Sore No-More horse liniment is that these formulas are the only research proven liniment for horses available. A recent university study showed Sore No-More to be effective at reducing or even completely eliminating back pain in performance horses in just 30 days! Time and time again, Sore No-More provides excellent results both in the lab and in real-life applications.


Sore No-More is trusted by more equine veterinarians throughout the world than any other horse liniment because it simply works. In fact, our all-natural Sore No-More formula is recommended by more veterinarians than any other product in its class. When horse health experts are actively recommending a specific horse liniment based on their experience in using it, those types of results are hard to ignore. Reach out to us at Arenus Animal Health today to learn more about why veterinarians recommend Sore No-More and find yours here!

Arenus Animal Health

Sore No-More is strong, gentle, safe, effective, and comes highly recommended. Whether your horse is experiencing everyday aches and pains or recovering from competition, our horse liniment solutions can help. So why not try Sore No-More? You and your horse have everything to gain and nothing to lose!