Mike Brashear

Western Performance
Arenus Ambassador Since 2016



Mike Brashear developed a passion for horses at a very young age. He sought out every piece of education and experience possible to allow him to make working with horses his livelihood. In his quest for knowledge, he was afforded the honor of riding with some of the horse training greats. Mike’s drive and acquired knowledge have allowed him to professionally train horses for over twenty years.

Mike concentrates on foundation to finished horses, using natural and traditional methods to create a positive relationship between horse and rider. His focus is solid horsemanship, with a love for ranch horse versatility. Second only to horses, Mike loves to work with his students. Not only does he understand how to get horses to their highest level, but he makes sure riders accomplish those achievements alongside their horses. Because of this love of teaching, Mike is a sought after local and national clinician and a returning presenter at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. He also assisted as an Equine and Location Consultant on the esteemed documentary, American Mustang.



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