Travis Wigen

Arenus Ambassador Since 2008


Travis Wigen’s incredible work ethic and attention to detail gained him early notoriety by industry greats like Mark DeForest, Cliff Kellmer and Bob Avila. These great horsemen allowed him to further his knowledge of the equine industry and reining in particular which led to the creation of Travis Wigen Performance Horses in 2000. Now a world champion and Utah’s highest-earning NRHA professional, Travis continues to devote his focus to the development of top quality horses and riders. His techniques translate well and his substantial non-pro, amateur and youth clientele are consistently among the top honors both locally and nationally.

The love of horses is a shared family passion. Based in Utah, Travis, his wife, Melissa, and their two daughters are each accomplished riders and show reining horses on a national level.


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"A 2 year old of ours was diagnosed with a grade one OCD. Six months after starting her on Steadfast Equine, she was re-radiographed and showed immense improvement. Three months after that, she was radiographed again and the OCD did not show up. After that, we put all of our horses on Steadfast and they maintain very well throughout their careers."

"My horses hold their weight and look great on the Assure products! Their owners are always amazed how they look after 90 days with us and they maintain a happy and willing attitude throughout training and showing."

"We travel a lot. The horses of ours that are on the Assure products travel great and continue eating and drinking normally compared to those that aren’t. These are great products that actually work!"

"The Sore No-More products are great for topical relief of sore muscles and minor strains. These products are a staple for us while at home and on the road."