Horse Supplements: Releira

It’s nearly that time of year again! We’re not talking about the holiday season, though. We’re talking about the breeding season! Breeding season is right around the corner, are you ready? Here at Arenus Animal Health, we know that now is the perfect time to start preparations. The best way you can prepare your stallions and broodmares for the upcoming breeding season is through powerful equine breeding supplements like Releira. Now is the time to start taking action to prepare. You will see the best results from Releira when it is started at least 60 days before the breeding season begins. In today’s blog at Arenus Animal Health, we talk all about the horse supplement Releria and how it can benefit your horses this breeding season.

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How Releira Can Help With Your Difficult Mare

Some mares can be more difficult to work with than others. Even if you implement the most recent techniques and reproductive technology available, you are still at the mercy of the mare’s reproductive tract cooperating. Situations like these can be incredibly frustrating. With stallions, you get one sperm sample and there’s a high chance at least one of the cells can get the job done. But with mares, the conditions have to be just right. The environment around the cervix and uterus has to be perfect. There can’t be any inflammation, pathogens, or any other complications.

However, Releira can significantly improve your odds of getting your difficult-to-breed mare pregnant. It helps to create a more agreeable environment around the uterus and cervix to increase the mare’s chances of having a pregnancy take. And, the horse supplement Releira even helps to support mare and foal health once your mare does get successfully pregnant.

The Cost of Not Using Releira

Trying to get your broodmare bred can start to add up quickly — especially if their pregnancies are consistently not sticking. Between buying the sperm itself, the estrus cycles, and other costs, you can end up spending upwards of $2,500 trying to breed your mare. Not only that, the potential funds you are missing out on are 10 times that amount. If the mare’s pregnancy doesn’t take, you are potentially losing out on a foal that you could have gotten $25,000 for. This means that in just one breeding season, you could be losing out on more than $27,000 should your mare’s pregnancy not take. Not to mention each mare has a limited number of viable breeding seasons, so you’ll want to make the most of each and every one.

Using proven horse supplements like Releira can be used to help you drastically improve your chances of securing those funds. If you ask us at Arenus Animal Health, it’s well worth investing an extra $400 to ensure the best possible odds of the pregnancy taking and you being able to sell your foal for upwards of $25,0000.

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It’s Gender Neutral

Believe it or not, our horse supplement Releira has been shown to be effective in supporting the reproductive health of both mares and stallions alike. In fact, many Releira users regularly give it to both their mares and stallions 60 days prior to breeding season all the way until the foal is born. There are various benefits that foals, mares, and stallions see from the regular use of Releira.

Benefits for Mares

There are a number of important benefits that mares receive from Releira including:

More Successful Pregnancies

With this equine breeding supplement, your mare will see drastically improved conception rates. This is because Releira reduces post-breeding uterine inflammation and fluids to create more suitable conditions for the pregnancy to take.

Lower Inception Costs

Because this horse health product increases your mare’s odds for conception, your costs are often reduced. Quicker successful pregnancies reduce your upfront investment into impregnating the mare. Additionally, increasing the odds of pregnancy means increasing the odds of selling a foal this season instead of having to wait until next season.

Fewer Cycles

There are some mares that, despite everyone’s best efforts, still take between three to seven cycles to become pregnant. With Releira, traditionally difficult-to-breed mares that take up to seven cycles often become pregnant in just one.

Prenatal Support

Once your mare does get pregnant, Releira is excellent at providing prenatal support throughout the entire pregnancy. The horse supplements are great for both the mare and the growing foal.

Benefits for Stallions

Stallions also see a number of benefits from Releira. Arguably the most important benefit is that stallion semen quality is significantly increased. Releira was shown to effectively:

  • Improve pregnancy rates over stallions who did not take the horse supplement
  • Increase average stallion sperm count throughout the entire breeding season
  • Improve the quality of stallion sperm by improving the sperm motility

Benefits for Foals

Even foals see notable benefits from the use of Releira. It has been shown to help produce smarter, more healthy foals. Foals who came from mares who used Releira came out brighter, stronger, and more vibrant than those who did not. Also, mares who used Releira also saw more foals who made it completely to term.

Releira at Arenus Animal Health

After being in development for a year, our team at Arenus Animal Health was ecstatic to have found a gender-neutral horse supplement that promoted mare, stallion, and foal reproductive health. Naturally, we sent our findings to be independently tested. After two years of extensive research and many foal births, Releira’s efficacy was documented and published throughout the veterinarian community! Today, our team at Arenus Animal Health is supremely proud of our team that helped to develop Releira and we are excited to help breeders all over the world see the amazing results.

So, make sure that you are prepared for the next breeding season and start your mares and stallions on Releira sooner rather than later — before you miss your window!


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